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divorce 300x199 Divorce LawIf you are considering filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you probably have a lot of questions and not very many answers. An experienced attorney can help you understand your legal options and explain how the divorce process works. Divorce proceedings have the potential to get very emotional and very complex. Be sure that you have strong representation to ensure that you understand and assert your rights. Choosing the right attorney can make a significant difference in your overall experience throughout the proceeding. At McGinn Law P.A., based in the East Tampa - Brandon, Florida area of Hillsborough County, I work diligently to help you through this difficult process in the most efficient and pain-free manner possible. I go above and beyond to try to protect you and your children from the conflict and stress inherent in many divorce proceedings.

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Our primary goal in every divorce proceeding is to reach a fair settlement that fully accommodates the needs of you and your children. Brandon divorce lawyer, Michael C. McGinn has extensive experience in divorce cases. He has also helped many clients who needed help with a military divorce. He is an effective negotiator who seeks first to reach a fair agreement without a lengthy and costly court battle. He is ready to go to trial, however, if that's what it takes to pursue the results you deserve. Mr. McGinn handles every case personally and will never ask you to work with a paralegal or other staff member. You will deal directly with him at every stage in the process.

Divorce Process

Filing the Pleadings is the first step in the divorce process. Whoever is the first party to file bears the filing fee (paid to the Clerk of the Court $408) of opening the case.The Petitioner will file the first pleading called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and will serve it on the other party, the Respondent. A process server will generally be hired who will formally serve the papers in order to satisfy the statutory requirements of due process.The Respondent will then be required to file an Answer to the Petition.Each party will state in their pleading the grounds for the divorce which are generally irreconcilable differences, establish jurisdiction, state the facts and request relief from the court which will generally include the granting of the divorce, property settlement, alimony, child support and perhaps resumption of a maiden name.

That is just a brief overview. Take time to look at the links to your right. We have put together a vast amount of information to help you understand the divorce and family law process. The firm's goal is to educate and inform so you can make the very best decisions for you and your family.

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