Military Divorce

As a result of being located in close proximity to MacDill Air Force Base, we have experience in handling problems that are unique to active duty and retired military service members and their spouses. We are able to handle most issues where Florida has jurisdiction, which may include Initial Divorce proceedings, Spousal Support/Alimony, Child Support, Modification and Timesharing.  Set forth below are a few of the issues that you may have questions about, whether you are active duty, retired or the spouse of active duty or retired military. A military divorce has an added layer of complexity to it that makes it more difficult than a standard divorce proceeding.  We can help you work through the nuances of military divorce law.

Federal Laws Affecting a Military Divorce

Both federal and state laws impact a military divorce.   Being experienced with military divorce, Michael McGinn can explain to you, some important issues governed by federal laws include: Jurisdiction.   The place where you can file for divorce (jurisdiction) may be different for military service members.  Generally, jurisdiction is spelled out in Florida's divorce law; however, there may be important distinctions for military service members that Mr. McGinn can tell you about. Timing of a Divorce.   Active members of the military may be protected from going through an immediate divorce proceeding. Generally, an active service member may be able to delay the divorce for some period of time. The logic behind this is that the government wants its military service members to focus on their jobs and not domestic issues. Military Pensions.  A military pension is a significant asset that may be subject to division at divorce. There are federal laws that an experienced military divorce lawyer like Mr. McGinn is aware of that govern how this asset will be split.

State Laws Affecting a Military Divorce

Florida divorce law will also play a prominent role in a military divorce.  Michael McGinn can explain that some key issues typically governed by state divorce law include: Alimony.   Florida divorce law may govern how much you have to pay your spouse for support. Property Division.  A military divorce attorney will tell you that assets outside of federal pension may be subject to division according to state requirements. Child Support and Timesharing. Your military divorce attorney can explain to you how state law impacts you and your children in a divorce proceeding.