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Protecting Your Interests in Paternity Matters

Paternity issues arise when a child is born to unmarried parents or the identity of a child's biological father is not known. Regardless of whether or not the parents are married, every parent has certain rights and responsibilities with regard to parenting and financial support of the child. In cases where the identity of the father is in dispute, you would be well advised to seek the assistance of a reliable paternity lawyer. bigstock Portrait of loving father and 25978871 300x200 PaternityAt McGinn Law P.A., based in East Tampa - Brandon, Florida area of Hillsborough County, I represent clients throughout the Tampa Bay area who need help in paternity matters. Our firm has extensive experience working with clients on both sides of these cases and I will pursue every legal option at our disposal to help you reach a positive outcome. Our founding attorney, Michael McGinn, has been practicing law in Florida for nearly a decade and he is ready to help you.

Brandon Paternity Lawyer Aggressively Defending Your Rights

I typically represent three types of clients in paternity cases: a mother who is trying to establish paternity so she can collect child support, an alleged father who denies paternity and claims no relation or responsibility to a child, or a man who asserts that he is the father and wants to demand parental rights. DNA testing can determine the identity of the father definitively in every case. When you hire our firm, I will order all of the necessary tests to establish paternity. Once the identity of the father is known, I will aggressively pursue the appropriate action to protect your interests. Whether that means pursuing child support, clearing you of responsibility or obtaining parental rights, you can count on us to see your case through to its conclusion.

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