Can I Appeal A Probation Violation Sentence?

People who are placed in the extended supervision often have to deal with confusing procedures and rules that make it hard for them to complete the terms of probation. The probation can be revoked if the probation officer notices any kind of violation of his/her probationer. The revocation of probation can be appealed by the probationer; however, in order to preserve their rights, it is important for the probationer to act quickly. It is important that you get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer because they can help you manage the case properly.

Timing Is Important

If you or someone you know has recently lost a Probation Violation Hearing, it is important that the appeal be filed within 30 days after entry of judgement. Time management of a probation violation is even more crucial if the person you know risks returning to jail or prison to complete their original sentence in full.

Another potential avenue for probation violation relief is through filing a Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence. This motion does also have time constraints – 60 days from when your probation violation sentence as first levied. This motion essentially asks the judge for leniency by imposing a reduce sentence for your probation violation. Hiring an attorney to draft the motion and file it properly can help you from making any mistakes and including the proper legal argument for a successful outcome.

Trust In The Experience And Expertise Of Tampa’s Criminal Defense Attorney

Time is of the essence in a probation violation appeal, so it is important to place your trust in an attorney who will work diligently for you. McGinn Law understands that there can be many factors working against individuals on probation and believes in help people keep their second chance at a better life.

McGinn, P.A. and staff will prepare your case properly and strategically – looking at your case in full from the beginning and study your specific situation in depth to make your probation violation appeal stronger.

Another benefit of seeking private counsel for your probation violation appeal is having someone with experience in petitioning the appeal and speaking before the court, specifically the same judge who ordered your probation violation and is considering the potential sentence.