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Narcotic Trafficking Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or your loved one has been charged with narcotics trafficking, it is best to call a local defense attorney, especially a criminal defense attorney for trafficking charges, to help you through the entire process.

Narcotic or drug trafficking and other federal drug crimes are severe charges with consequences that include several years in prison and steep fines. When convicted, additional penalties may consist of long term of probation, possible forfeiture of assets and property, community service, and possible loss of certain civil rights. Drug trafficking charges are considered more serious than drug possession charges.

The decision of a prosecutor to charge a person with trafficking could be on the basis of the number of drugs in possession of a suspect, the presence of paraphernalia items (e.g., a scale, plastic bags, or cash), or otherwise how the drugs are parceled.

Filing drug trafficking charges against a person include a strong basis with regard to selling illegal drugs, possessing large amounts of illegal narcotic, and transporting large quantities of the illegal drugs.

How Serious Is Your Drug Trafficking Charge?

The seriousness of your trafficking offense is solely based on the amount of drug as well as the previous record of a defendant related to offenses. Any former drug offense conviction can be served to increase your degree of drug trafficking charge.

Drug Trafficking Defenses

By having an aggressive and efficient trafficking defense strategy with your criminal defense lawyer can ensure that legal authorities had the proper cause to arrest you and charge you. Your criminal charges can be dismissed or reduced if the police violated any of your constitutional rights such as performing an illegal search and seizure.

Some of the following are common defense strategies that can be employed during your drug trafficking case:

  • The defendant was at the wrong place at the wrong time
  • There was no intent on the defendant’s part to traffic the narcotic drugs
  • The defendant was not fully aware of trafficking activities
  • The police did not get a warrant prior to employing a search or seizure
  • The police did not have probable cause to perform a search

Sometimes, drug trafficking cases are complicated to disentangle., making it more important than ever to contact a private defense attorney.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend You in a Narcotic Trafficking Case

Dealing with a drug trafficking charge can be reasonably troubling. Fortunately, there are defense lawyers for drug and trafficking charges who are always ready to help a defendant protect their right to a fair trial, reduce the charges, or have them dropped all together.

A reliable defense lawyer thoroughly assesses the issues involved in the arrest, investigation, search, witness statements, lab testing, and any audio or video surveillance used by the police.