Complex Time-Sharing

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The Basic of Complex Time Sharing or Custody Case

Some custody cases have unique situations that make them very complex. If you are dealing with a similar custody battle, you need to hire an assertive family law and divorce lawyer with extensive experience in the field. They can negotiate well and determine the right time to take your case to trial. You can depend on McGinn Law on their reputation, experience, and litigation for fighting your right as a parent.

Common Issues in Complex Time Sharing

  • Relocation

Getting a custody agreement is easier if you’re divorced and stay in the same vicinity. But if you decide to move or relocate, a simple custody case turns into a complex one. It can impact the time spent with the child in a negative manner. When resolving this case, there are several factors that need thorough evaluation. These include parental relocation distance and available support systems. Keep in mind that this could affect child support payments as a relocation of one parent usually means a significant shift in the amount of time the child is with one parent and what was once shared expenses is now skewered against the parent with the child for longer lengths of time.

  • Neglect Or Domestic Violence

If either parent has a history of violence, abuse, or neglect, then the court may consider these factors when making a decision. Parents will be required to provide ample supporting evidence to support their claims as the accused or alleged victim. If, in any case, the court has found the conduct is opposed to the child’s best interest, the parent may likely face uphill battles in getting parenting time and custody.

  • Military, First Responders, And Medical Professionals

Due to unusual scheduling or rotating shifts, some time sharing schedules may be more complicated than others to ensure that each parent is provided with adequate time with their child.

  • High Conflict Divorce

When a divorce is considered to be high conflict, the time sharing schedule will typically reflect this. In some cases, it may provide detailed instructions for drop off and pick up locations and procedures. Custody arrangements in a high conflict divorce are typically arranged to minimize contact between the parents and may be more detailed than the average time sharing agreement.

When To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer

Whether you are beginning the divorce proceedings and know that your case will require additional attention because of the complexities the time sharing or custody arrangements may require, or you are seeking a modification to your complex time sharing agreement, you should seek the assistance of a family law attorney to help ensure that your rights as a parent are protected and to help the process stay as smooth as possible considering your more complex needs.