How much does a criminal defense attorney cost?2018-11-06T09:38:47+00:00

Our law firm has a reasonable fee schedule. If necessary, a payment plan can be arranged. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

How much is a divorce?2018-11-06T09:35:51+00:00

The cost of a defense attorney varies based on a number of variants, primarily on the complexity of your divorce – whether it is contested or uncontested, if your spouse is high conflict, and if we are able to settle with your ex or if we will need to go all the way to trail to ensure your rights and needs are respected and observed.

What areas do your serve?2018-11-06T09:35:14+00:00

We serve and help clients in the following counties: Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Manatee County.

What is a Guardian ad Litem?2018-11-06T09:34:34+00:00

A Guardian ad Litem is an individual who is either appointed by the court or who can be sought by a divorcing parent to serve as a third party to help determine a child’s best interest when claims of abuse, neglect, or violence are made.

What is a collaborative divorce?2018-11-06T09:33:02+00:00

A collaborative divorce is an uncontested divorce where both parties are able to work together to divide their marital property and assets cordially and with little disagreement.

Can I have you be my attorney for my divorce and bankruptcy?2018-11-06T09:28:14+00:00

Yes! Many people also find it more helpful to use the same attorney for their divorce as their bankruptcy filing – you only have to explain your situation and goals once, not multiple times. In addition, working both cases, I can provide valuable insight and act quickly upon it to ensure your best interests are met without having to wait to hear from your other attorney.

As for your spouse, it is recommended that they seek their own attorney, at least for the divorce to avoid any conflict of interest during the divorce process.