Impact Of A Violent Crime Conviction In Florida

In a recent research, Florida has witnessed a 40 percent decrease in violent crimes in the past few years. The data reveals that in the year, 1996, there were approximately 147,425 violent crimes reported in Florida. However, the data of the year 2016, shows that those numbers have dropped drastically to around 88,000. Now, while this might come as the light of hope for all the citizens, it is possible to reduce those numbers even much lower. Also, the result of committing a violent crime is very severe, which affects the convicted person for the rest of his or her life.

Know What Violent Crime Is
It is better for you to understand what qualifies as a violent crime. A crime that has been committed by using force on the victim either as an object or as a method is called a violent crime. The Law Enforcement department of Florida has reported that crimes like murder, rape, incest, robbery, kidnapping, stalking, aggravated assault or molestation, and carjacking under the category of violent crimes. These are a felony and the accused will be held and tried as a person who has committed the violent crime.

Punishment And Its Levels
As mentioned above, the effect of committing a violent crime is very severe. There are five levels of punishment for the type of felonies that have been described above. One felony has a range of punishments that varies from one year in a state prison to death sentence based on cruelty of the committed crime. Thus, if you’re found guilty of committing felonies or crimes then you’ll be facing maximum penalty that has been set by the lawmakers. This way the court might also require a restitution of the victim. Now, here are the sentences that you might face –

1. In the Third-degree punishment, the convict is given up to five years of custody in a state prison including a fine of 5,000 dollars.
2. In the Second degree punishment, the convict is given up to 15 years in jail and a 10,000 dollars fine.
3. In the First degree punishment, the convict is given no less or more than 30 years and 10,000 dollars fine.
4. In the Life sentence, the convict is punished to spend 40 years of his life in jail including 15,000 dollars fine.
5. Lastly, Capital Punishment is the final one where the convict is punished to death or life imprisonment without parole.

Consequences That Felony Convictions Have
If you’re convicted of committing a violent crime then you are no longer allowed to vote or even hold a public office, unless and until your civil rights have been reinstated by the court orders. Felons can also not carry or possess any firearms or serve as juror. Furthermore, employers are unlikely to hire convicted felons for work.

Importance Of A Private Defense Attorney For A Violent Felony Charge

Due to the severity of the potential punishment for a violent felony conviction, it is imperative to hire a personal attorney to help you defend against your charges. A felony defense lawyer will help to ensure your right are not violated – including your right to remain silent, not self-incriminate, and to a fair trial are upheld. A criminal defense attorney can help you determine your legal defense against the charges laid against you such as self-defense or that your actions were not actually aggravated. Depending on the evidence in your case, a private criminal defense attorney can help to reduce your charges, reduce your sentence, or have the charges against you to be dropped.

If you or someone you know and care about are suspected of committing a violent felony or have been arrested and charged, contact our office to see how our criminal defense law firm can help you.