Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Representing Yourself vs. Hiring A Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer

You have the right to represent yourself in the courtroom for any type of criminal case if you do not want a lawyer to represent you. As a matter of fact, the court even allows the accused, or the defendant, to represent himself or herself in very serious criminal cases. But do you reckon that it is the right thing to do?

The first thing you should know about representing yourself is knowing that the court will hold you to the same standard as a licensed attorney. This means that it is important for you to adhere to all the laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to a criminal case. Criminal court proceedings are not like what you see on TV or in movies; there is a formal setting to the proceedings and how to act. This includes how you address the judge, when to address the judge, permission to approach a witness, the jury, and the judge (or “bench”). “Objections” even have strict rules and must have specific grounds for claiming one.

Additionally, it is pivotal for you to familiarize yourself with all the laws in regard to the case that you’re representing yourself in. Get familiar with everything that pertains to your trial so as to ensure that you’re well prepared to tackle the questions of the prosecutor and counter any claim they make against you.

You will be responsible for filing your own motions, responding (and adhering) to discovery requests made by the prosecution, formulating your own defense and arguments, collecting and preparing your witness, performing cross-examinations, and making and backing objections to behavior or lines of questioning of the prosecution.

After reading everything, you might have understood that it is not easy to represent your own self in criminal court. You need to complete your homework before you show yourself in front of the court jury and judge and narrate your side of the story for them to arrive on a favorable judgment.

Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney – What Are The Benefits?
There are several benefits of hiring a defense lawyer to represent your case. The attorney not only knows the rules and procedures that need to be followed when in the courtroom, but a criminal defense attorney can also contribute their vast experience and expertise to represent your criminal case.

In addition, the defense attorney you hire may have access to more resources than you can produce – resources like private investigators and expert witnesses who might prove to be useful in your criminal case.

If you’re facing criminal charges, then it is highly advisable to contact a Florida criminal defense attorney. McGinn Law represents clients in Tampa, Brandon, and most surrounding areas. Your attorney, Michael McGinn, will bring experience, skill, knowledge, and expertise to your criminal case. With so much at stake, including imprisonment, fines, or any other type of heavy penalties, it is not worth the risk of self-representation. Hire a defense attorney today.